Online Coaching

With individual coaching we will deal with the obstacles that you run into. We will look at the underlying thoughts, beliefs and motives that keep you from growing and living the life you want. You will gain insights and you will start to see new possibilities and opportunities.

All this happens in a safe environment with integrity and discretion. You are the center in this since it is all about your unique being, your space, your rhythm, your potential, your energy, your dreams, your future and your freedom. Step by step you will get used to seeing “your being” as the center in your life and start building sustainable results for yourself and in relation with your loved ones and your environment.

The methods and techniques I am using, I have selected from what I have learned, experienced and tested myself because they really helped me enormously and they still do.

Before we start we will have a free intake phone call of 30 minutes in which we can get to know each other first to see if we can work together.

After the intake we plan the sessions mutually via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom or other media. One session will take 45 minutes where we work with your specific topic.

Inclusive FREE “Quantum Queens” Membership *

A like minded environment where women support women
and hold each other accountable.

One of the most important things to succeed in achieving your goals, taking actions, making changes in your life, wanting personal growth or creating the life you want, is your environment! The right environment will help you to keep your energy high, to keep your focus and to keep you in a positive flow.

* Only FREE when you follow an individual coaching package of minimum 5 sessions with me.

What clients say...

It helped me to create self-awareness and to gain a new perspective about a better way to achieve my goals at personal and professional level. It helped me to identify and apply the right tools to be focused, stay motivated and be more efficient in the search for a new career.
Tine has the ability to create a space of trust where the conversation flows easily and naturally. Tine is very clear and objective when she is sharing her message and in holding me accountable for the decisions I made, and the goals I set.
A friendly conversation, where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. Productive conversations where I took the time to think about my current situation. To critically think and gain new perspectives about certain aspects of my life. I felt supported and encouraged to do certain changes to improve my life.”

I can really recommend Tine’s coaching!

Angela from Portugal

After every session I felt clarity and confident in myself, more organized and I always had somethging to think about and implement in my life. The sessions are very insightful.

Tine is easy to talk to and open up to and non-judgemental. Tine guided me through some important thinking processes. She is a good listener and very supportive. Tine has a warm and calm energy. She makes you grow and expand and learn to find it all inside yourself.”

I can defenitely recommend coaching with Tine.

Runa from Amsterdam

After 3 sessions I had already a complete newfound perspective to life, my confidence was significantly improved and my worries and anxiety reduced. Tine has a structured and in-depth approach and answers concerns and questions in a rational and understood fashion. Tine is understanding, motivating, easy to open up to and talk to.

Kashfa from Belgium

Already from the start the session went smooth and it felt good. During the first session things became more clear to me, and at the end I had a positive feeling and a good vibration again.
Tine hands over useful tools I can get started with, which gives me insights… I was looking forward to our next session. Immediately Tine was with me and I felt she really had listened to me the first time so we could continue with my situation. Sometimes it was confronting but enlightening.
What I take with me and learn is to look more at myself, why am I reacting this way? Where is this feeling coming from? How can I change this? What message is behind this?
Work on yourself and find love and connection with yourself is key!
I surely recommend Tine’s Coaching to every one who is stuck with certain things in life.

Anick from Belgium