Why online and not face to face?

It saves your precious time which allows more flexibility in planning the sessions.
You can have your session from anywhere in the world at any place. You only need your pc, tablet or smartphone.
In times of global warming it is an environmentally friendly way of working since you don’t need to move yourself, you have no traffic jams, no parking or transport issues.
You can be coached from your familiar environment. It is easy accessible and discrete.

45 minutes is this long enough?

The ability to concentrate with adults starts to reduce already after 30 minutes. By applying 45 minutes sessions we can keep our focus and alertness sharp. This way we can keep the conversation as efficient as possible and the discussed matter remains accessible and processable.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on your goal and your own personal process. When you only want to get a better insight on a current problem or situation and how to handle it, it will require less time than when you want to tackle a personal part or you want a sustainable change in one or more aspects of your life. When we start an individual coaching traject, multiple sessions are recommended to bring about a substantial change. In the beginning the sessions will follow shorter, while later on a monthly follow up session might be sufficient. It all depends on your personal goals and situation.

Do I need this?

Yes sure, even if you have an understanding and supportive environment, when you are stuck with something, or want personal growth, or a change in your life or achieve a specific goal it is mainly a personal thing and then a neutral surrounding is preferred to help you assist and support. You will move forward and gain insights much quicker than when you keep on wandering in the same thoughts and keep doing the same habits and routines.

I have already done so many things and nothing helps.

Then it is about time that we look together how you did not achieve yet the desired results. And learn by implementing what you already know with new valuable techniques and insights to grow and live the life you want.

It is not the right time.

If now is not the right time for you, then when will it be? Next month? Next year? Same thoughts here : How important is your happiness, your life and your health? How important are you? And what do you want for yourself? If you want to change something in your life, then it is up to you to take the necessary action. How long are you prepared to procrastinate your happiness, your life and your health any longer?