About Me

I have always been interested in personal development for myself and others. As a child I was good at observing and I heard things that maybe I shouldn’t have heard. Of course I didn’t really understand and I gave my own interpretation to it (like kids do). I also had a creative mind. I combined games and toys together and with my phantasy I created a new game. Much to the annoyance of my mother and sister because everything was mixed up. Sitting still for a long time was not really my cup of tea. In the summertime I was doing gymnastics in the garden and during the wintertime I changed the lawn for my parents bed to do my forward and back rolls. And now I combine my interest in people and the human mind and my creativity as well in my online business.

My Story

How I finally after 20 years started to do what I really like, but first I needed to run into the wall.

Lately when I wake up I am full of energy and enthusiasm to get out of bed because now I mostly do the things that I like,
things that give me joy and satisfaction.

But it wasn’t always like that, there was a time when I dragged myself further. I had an overbooked agenda at work. I was lived by many projects and targets. I reduced my social contacts more and more because I had no time. I kept procrastinating my holiday. Because there was always something more ‘important’ at work. Until I left for vacation ill and I came back even more ill. But I didn’t give up.
Because I am strong. I can do this.

Despite the efforts it was never good enough. Never good enough for me. It did not give me any meaning. Whatever I did, another new project, another new target. The restlessness and unsatisfaction remained. I tried to meet the expectations that I thought I had to meet. But I was playing a part. And more and more I was drifting away from who I really was. Deep inside I knew that something was not right. But I didn’t know what. My environment was giving me signals but I didn’t want to understand.

 Till that moment. I was discussing the next project and actions in one of the many meetings and the only thing I could think about was : where am I in this project? Where am I in these company goals?
Where am I in this life? Where AM I?

A few days later I started a new chapter in my life. My burn out. A period of physical and mental fatigue.

Meanwhile, a couple of years later I have done a lot to connect with my feelings and myself again. Who I really am and why I am here.
My reason for being. My Ikigai.

But for you it doesn’t need to take that long. I have bundled all my experience and knowledge in a useful online programGained experiences from trial and error and endured with pleasure and pain as well. Knowledge from the corporate world and on a personal level. As well as training at home and abroad in NLP, Life Coach, Dispute Management, Non-Violence Communication, Leadership, Assessment, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Yoga, Shiatsu, Meditation and Transformation and I keep on learning and developing myself with training and courses.
Since personal growth is one of my drivers.

I am grateful for the path I have been through and the path I am walking because it leads me to what I have always dreamed of and that is running my own business. 

For a long time I felt a desire that just didn’t want to go away but each time I pushed it away by my own limiting thoughts and beliefs. Finally I jumped and started my business. And it feels great to empower other women to discover their full potential and enhance their self-esteem and self-worth to take powerful decisions and actions in line with their values, goals and inner purpose, from their own female energy and strength, so they become the architect of their life and future and live a free and happy life.

And A Little Bit More...

I dream about a world with more female world leaders.

I believe in the unlimited possibilities of the universe.

I believe that we can create our own life and that growth, abundance and success is our natural state of being.

I need interaction with people but I reload my batteries best on my own.

And I prefer to be outside in nature every day.